The Bones of Summer cover …

here’s a sneak preview:

You can find out more about this gay crime book at The Bones of Summer website page.

Anne Brooke


6 responses to “The Bones of Summer cover …

  1. Oh – I like that!

  2. I know – isn’t it fabulous! Just what I wanted it to look like.:))Axxx

  3. Hi AnneJust showed Alan your trailer. His comment: haunting.And it is.Vickixx

  4. Oops… wrong blog post. 🙂

  5. Ooh, lovely, thank you both so much – so glad he thought so! What a discerning man of incredible taste and wisdom he is indeed, tee hee! … But hey he’s with you – so we knew that!!:))Axxx

  6. It all goes to the same address, Vicki!!!:))Axxx

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