The Bones of Summer – here at last!

It’s here at last, hurrah! I’m very happy to say that The Bones of Summer is now available in eBook and paperback from Dreamspinner Press, where you can also enjoy a full (and rather adult) excerpt of the whole of the first chapter and admire the book trailer once more. Triple hurrahs indeed and crack open the champagne – again! I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll always have a soft spot for Paul and Craig, I feel.

Anyway, this morning I have bravely struggled into work, bearing cakes and cookies to celebrate my birthday of yesterday and my publication date of today. I’ve had to do some actual work too (shock! groan!) and minute the Steering Group meeting, where a heck of a lot of talking was done, so I have pages and pages of notes to attempt to write up tomorrow. Mind you, I was sensible enough to take this afternoon off to get some marketing done on The Bones of Summer, so I have updated various websites and journals, notified Yahoo Groups and considered where to send reviews etc etc over the last three hours or so. It’s really astonishing what a lot there is to do when 99% of my sales come via the Internet. People have been responding fairly positively too, so that’s encouraging. It would be so nice if it did okay.

Oh, and I forgot to add my week’s haiku on Saturday when I last posted so here it is:

Over windswept grass
kites form speech marks in the sky.
Words never spoken.

Today’s nice things:

1. The Bones of Summer being published, hurrah!
2. Cakes & cookies
3. Haikus.

Anne Brooke – rattling her Bones big-time!…


10 responses to “The Bones of Summer – here at last!

  1. I just downloaded the e-book because I was too impatient to wait for the print version! Love the haiku too.Cxxx

  2. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you – a thousand times (heck, I sound like Catullus!!!….) – you're my first buyer, thank you!!!:))Hope you enjoy it now you've got it, my dear!Axxx

  3. Yay! Whoop! Happy P Day!N XX

  4. I shall go and look for it . . .

  5. Ooh, thanks, Jilly!:))Axxx

  6. Yoohoo Anne! I recently received the Superior Scribbler Award for my blog and I, in turn, get to award it to five discerning bloggers. You are one of the five I've chosen. For details, here's the blog post:

  7. Gosh, how very exciting – I'm honoured, Gina!! I will have to log on later and find out more. Thank you!:))Axxx

  8. Congratulations Anne! How very exciting for you – here's to lots of wonderful reviews and copies sold!

  9. Thanks, LL – there's always hope!!:))Axxx

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