Relaxation, a Rainbow extravaganza and song

A rainy day ahead, but I’m chilled. Well almost. This morning’s poem is below:

Meditation 188

Sometimes the deepest act
you can do
in a moment of connection

is listen.
The silence is more powerful
than any word

resting on your tongue.
Remember how the air felt
when the act is done.

Had a lovely lie-in too, which has been bliss. And I’ve also caught up with Mock the Week on the iplayer, so am being totally lazy, hurrah. Though I’m pleased to say that the Rainbow Reviews August GLBT Extravaganza begins today, and will be a month of GLBT author interviews and giveaways, so it’s well worth keeping a close eye on. Sadly, I’m not included but I’m being brave (sob!) – well, as brave as I ever can be with an ego like mine, eh, ho ho … Anyway, today’s focus is on J M Snyder who has some very important advice for writers, I must say. Thank you for this, J M!

This afternoon, Lord H and I are at Glyndebourne to see Rusalka. Looks like a jolly number for sure. So I’m already staring at my frocks and wondering which one to opt for. As long as we can dodge the raindrops they promise us, I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Lazy mornings
3. TV
4. Rainbow Reviews extravaganza
5. Glyndebourne.

Anne Brooke – limbering up the voice once more …
Vulpes Libris: Adventure Week gets up close & personal with Napoleon


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