Busy busy busy

A day when I’ve been snowed under with work, but here’s today’s poem anyway:

Meditation 191

A freezing night,
charcoal fire, the girl
at the gate

and always that sense
of being outside
the truth

or if a mystery
were taking place

and remains
where words

false spoken
solidify the fact
of you.

I have to say that last night’s Desperate Romantics on TV was definitely the best episode so far. I know that I’m the only person in the country who loves it, as the critics are being terribly terribly snooty about it, more fool them – but I think it’s top class stuff in terms of humour, honesty and humanity. The scenes between Millais and Mrs Ruskin were simply excellent and totally charming. More please.

So today I’ve been rushing around arranging 1001 meetings at least, typing up notes of other meetings I wasn’t present at and reconsidering agendas for yet more meetings we’re trying to relaunch. Oh the joys and rollercoaster ride of a secretary’s life indeed.

Thank goodness then for a calming walk round campus at lunchtime and a quiet sit-down by the lake. With my e-reader, ah bliss. Honestly, if I wasn’t allowed out of the office at lunchtime, I might well run mad, my dears.

Tonight, I’m gearing myself up for the comforting joys of Midsomer Murders (which I hope will be rather more comforting than last week’s strange episode) on TV and I must also video David Mitchell (comedian, not the writer whose books I can’t stand – sorry …) in Who Do You Think You Are. A perfect evening indeed.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. TV.
3. Lunchtime walk

Anne Brooke – rushed off her feet
Vulpes Libris: getting to grips with The Black Prince


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