Walking with Dinosaurs

A brief blog today as I have to be out of the flat in half an hour and still have to brush my hair and powder my nose, my dears. So here are today’s excitements:

1. Had a fabulous Clarins massage with Alice this morning, which was hugely early so apologies for the lack of poem – I opted for the invigorating oils this time rather than the relaxing ones as usual, so am raring to go. Though I suspect not for long …

2. It was then straight into a cappuccino with Robin, and then lunch with Robin & Liz (hello, both!). We put to rights the world of books, song and politics. So everything’s perfect now. Just in case you were wondering why everything felt different.

3. Tonight, Lord H and I are up at Wembley Arena to see Walking with Dinosaurs, and I’m so very excited about it that I think I might be sick. I love dinosaurs. And I paid a small fortune for the seats so they are truly brilliant. Lord knows when we’re going to have time to eat – and indeed I may well be eaten during the evening, which would rather solve the problem. Who can say?

Today’s nice things:

See above!

Anne Brooke – wondering if I can fit a dinosaur into the flat …
Disasters and Miracles – the everyday life of Bible folk


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