Back to work …

Here’s today’s poem for you:

Meditation 224

A man with the face
of an angel

doesn’t really do it
for me.

a little darkness

seasons the mix
more perfectly.

Other writing news is that Cassie from the Joyfully Reviewed website gave The Bones of Summer a rather nice review and you can read it here. Thanks, Cassie – much appreciated.

Ah the pains of being back to work though. I have six zillion emails, several Freshers’ Week crises and an attitude problem. Same old same old then, eh. Ah well. I am attempting to rationalise the emails, keeping my head down and hoping for the end of the day to be soon, please God.

Had to get my smiley professional head on for the lunchtime Steering Group meeting though – it’s supposed to be our new style meetings so I don’t have to take many notes apparently, but we’ll see. I fear too much that I might miss something vital, as I’m never really sure what the vital things actually are.

Tonight, I’m at the University Book Group and we’re looking at Julian Fellowes’ glorious novel, Past Imperfect, so it should be fun. That is, if I haven’t run screaming to the hills by then. Coincidentally, I’m also reviewing it for Vulpes Libris tomorrow, so that’s almost perfect timing.

And thank goodness for the light relief of Would I Lie To You? on TV tonight. My week is utterly incomplete without David Mitchell.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. The Bones of Summer review
3. Books
4. TV.

Anne Brooke – sullenly to school …
The Bones of Summer – a very modern romance


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