Wisley, sculpture and chilling

Am making the most of the day before the onslaught of Freshers’ Week next week. Honestly it’s been really great today that I haven’t had to talk to anyone apart from Lord H. Bliss. Here’s today’s poem:

Meditation 229

Water and prayer
quench the dry land’s thirst

and wash sin away.
If only

you could bottle both.

So we’ve had a delightful amble through the joys of Wisley, which included the excitements of the Sculpture Trail that was today’s special event. I particularly thrilled to the glorious sculpture of different sized fish on bicycles. Called Cycling School, it was utterly delightful and a work of genius perfectly placed. Wonderful. Here’s a link to a photograph of it. Ain’t that magical?… And here’s a link to the sculptor – some fabulous pieces there too. Anyway, we had lunch out at the Wisley cafe, which was very pleasant though it did appear that the staff were on a go-slow in terms of collecting up dirty plates. We suspect the scary manager isn’t on today – every other time we’ve been there, the clearing up has been astonishingly good and the moment a table is vacated, it’s cleared and wiped down for the next people. As it should be really. Today, the system was something of a mess. Ah well.

This afternoon, I’ve had a much-needed nap – heck, I need all the strength I can get for the week to come, I fear. Later, we’ll be looking at holidays (hurrah!) and I’ll probably do some more editing to The Hit List. Robert is looking sultry and mysterious. Always get your characters to play to their strengths, eh. And there’s sod-all on TV, sigh.

I’ve also enjoyed Mary Beard’s Pompeii, which is a non-fiction study of that tragic town. Very interesting indeed, though I did feel it was rather too heavy in places. But a highly useful manual if you’re intending to visit, which we are, at some point.

Here’s this week’s rather sparse haiku:

Nothing in my head
this week is worth the paper
I scribble it on.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Wisley
3. Sculptures
4. Napping
5. Editing The Hit List
6. Books
7. Haikus.

Anne Brooke – something of a fish on a bicycle herself
Pink Champagne and Apple Juice – ideal Sunday drinking


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