Freshers’ Week Day Three

Shattered today, and I can’t really form a reasonable sentence, so here are today’s notable things in no noticeable order:

1. It was busier at the Information Point than yesterday, but not as busy as Monday (thank the Lord)
2. I should have got to bed earlier last night and I would have coped better
3. One of the students thought the Students’ Union event planner was a boardgame – but he might have an idea there. Why isn’t it a boardgame?
4. Halfway through the day, some of the female dance students (at least one assumes it was them …) began to walk in very peculiar ways in very high heels in front of us. Presumably as part of their training? It was ever so slightly spooky … Are we in the Twilight Zone?
5. We shut up shop early afternoon as Freshers’ Fayre was on and nobody was interested in facts any more
6. The boss bought chocolate cake and Ruth made chocolate brownies for an afternoon party
7. The campus water supply went terribly terribly wrong and there was no water for most of the afternoon. At all.
8. One of my postgraduate talk presenters didn’t turn up to a talk I’d scheduled for them as they “hadn’t realised it was important”. Gaarrgghh. The PG department concerned wasn’t happy, understandably. I was upset as that particular department is very nice and we let them down. Groan.
9. The boss has had a promotion (well done hugely, David!) and is now Director of Student Care Services, rather than just Head of same. We are all therefore more important by proxy, hurrah. Well, one can hope, eh …
10. I was so tired that I fell asleep the moment I got home and am now feeling extremely disorientated.
11. I’m glad my Freshers’ Week is over, but I think we’ve done some worthwhile work.
12. I’m feeling disheartened by writing, but same old, same old, really.

Anne Brooke


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