Two Christmases

I’m very pleased to say that my GLBT short story, Two Christmases is now published and can be purchased at Dreamspinner Press. You can find out more and even view a brief slideshow at my website.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Other good news today is that at work the Personal Tutors’ Handbooks (now renamed to be Supporting Students: a Handbook for Staff) have finally been delivered, hurrah! So we are living surrounded by boxes and the only job I have left to do is send them out. Anyone got any envelopes?

Anne’s website – where one Christmas may well be enough …


4 responses to “Two Christmases

  1. Congrats, Anne, and merry Christmas (getting in early :D) xx

  2. Thanks, Vicki – and you too, tee hee! :)) Axxx

  3. I thought for a minute that was the cover for the Tutor's handbooks! Now there's an idea….

  4. Still laughing!!!! Now that would be sooo brilliant!!! :)) Axxx

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