Give and Take

I’m very happy to announce that my erotic GLBT short story, Give and Take now has a cover and a brand new web page on my site. You can find it, plus a brief extract from the beginning, here. It’s due out from Amber Allure Press on 21 March, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also happy to say that my second attempt to send back the signed contract for The Hit List to Amber Allure has worked, so thank you to the UK postal service for that – phew!

In other writing news, I’ve reached the 13,000 word marker in The Executioner’s Cane, and as an utter contrast to everything really, the second chapter of The Prayer Seeker is now uploaded and can be found on The Prayer Seeker’s Blog. I’m now half way through the third part, but I suspect it will pause for tonight.

Ooh, and much to my joy, earlier in the week I saw a glorious buzzard fly past my window, so that was a real coup. We can’t count it though, as Lord H wasn’t here to witness this astonishing sight and, as you know, we do of course speak with one voice. Here’s hoping it loops round again at some point. It made up for the rather slippery trog down to Waitrose that we went through yesterday – heck, that packed ice is deadly, even in Wellington boots, and especially with shopping. Where’s that ruddy thaw??…

This week’s haiku:

Ice splinters my mind.
Snow daggers plunge in, spiked, raw,
petrify my skin.

Anne’s website – the ultimate in give and take of course
The Prayer Seeker’s Blog


6 responses to “Give and Take

  1. Very much enjoyed your extract Anne – intrigung and deftly written. Looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks, Megan :)) Axxx

  3. I once saw a sparrowhawk take a pigeon right outside my kitchen window, Anne. So I share your excitement at seeing that buzzard. Cool.

  4. Gosh – even more exciting!!! ==:O Axxx

  5. Cool spot, Anne! I do like a good buzzard!

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