Second novels and The Ministry of Fear

Book News:

I’ve had a fascinating review of GLBT short story, Give and Take, which you can read at Jessewave Reviews. I’m more than happy with the 4 star rating, but fascinated by the reviewer’s comments on the bleakness and realism of the story. Actually I’d thought it was fairly upbeat, and had even made the ending far more hopeful for the future than my first ending had been. Amazing how many different takes can be found in a story – it’s certainly opened my eyes! Perhaps my view of life is grimmer (more grim?) than I’d realised … In the meantime, it’s received both a 4-star rating at Goodreads and a5-star review also at Goodreads, with a slightly different take on it in the latter link, I believe.

Another review received this week has been for Two Christmaseswhich gained a 4-star review at Goodreads. Many thanks to all reviewers/raters – it’s much appreciated.

Meanwhile, at Vulpes Libris, you can read my disappointment atMaria McCann’s Orange Prize longlisted novel, The Wilding. Oh dear. I’d been so looking forward to it too as I absolutely loved her first novel, As Meat Loves Salt. Is it the dreaded Second Novel Syndrome??…

And I fear I missed offering you last week’s haiku in my Sunday posting (shame on me!), so here it is. Late, but still relevant, alas:

Rain drives away plans,
makes the umbrellas blossom,
quietens the world.

Other News:

I have chilled out this morning with a lovely Clarins massage from Romana – it was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep. Still I needed the down-time as I’ve been working like the proverbial all week. Both on book stuff and University stuff. Heck, I deserve a break – roll on Easter.

And Lord H and I have had a wonderful time at the Aldershot production of Fiddler on the Roof. To my shame (again!), we’d never seen it before, and what a marvellous musical it is. Such a brave ending and all those tunes. Fabulous. I loved it. Tonight we’re off to the Guildford Theatre to see The Ministry of Fear so I suspect all my relaxation points might well disappear sooner than I’d anticipated. Note to self: arrange massages for after thrillers, not before …

Oh, and a new car radio has been delivered today, so I’m hoping Lord H might do his magic and put it into the car so I don’t have to listen to the sound of my own voice singing for too long. Believe me, it’s not been pleasant. The neighbours would no doubt agree.

I’m also proud to say that Lord H now has official superpowers – he has perfected the technique of standing next to a dysfunctional computer until it operates properly again. Without even touching it. Honestly, it works every time! And at the office as well as at home, apparently. Really, it’s a pleasure to watch a superhero at the top of his game, though he does confess to rather preferring the ability to fly or be invisible – but superheroes must accept and work with the powers they’re given … Tomorrow: the world!

Anne Brooke – pondering what her own superhero status might be …
The Prayer Seeker’s Journal – rarely seen but somehow vital


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